About Us

We are Montridge Advisory Group

Montridge Advisory Group is one of Canada’s premier employee benefits advisors.


At Montridge, we understand that few employers have the time or inclination to become experts in employee benefits. So, for many of Canada’s most dynamic employers, we fill that role.  


We are a collection of technically proficient individuals–specialists in our respective fields–who work together as a team.


What We Do


We believe that education is key in helping our clients to build, monitor and maintain affordable, sustainable and forward-looking benefits strategies.


Our process begins as we learn what makes your company and your people unique.


Together we build a benefits plan that aligns with your values and desired outcomes. We review and revise the plan as circumstances and technology change. We invest in our advisors’ continuing education–so that your firm is kept up to date on changing trends and new legislation, and understands as much of the technical aspects of benefits pricing and sustainability as you wish to know.  


Finally, we understand that employee benefits are part of a larger human resources ecosystem. We work hard to provide you with tools, information and the resources of our strategic partners to control costs, reduce potential liabilities, protect your people and have a happy, healthy, and productive workforce.

“Our relationship with Montridge began in 2005, when we were a small company looking for an employee benefits plan to support our growth plan. We approached Montridge as they were in the same office building, and asked them to “take care of it”, and that’s exactly what they’ve been doing ever since. Global Relay is now the world’s leader in cloud-based email archiving, messaging, and compliance, with over 20,000 customers in 90+ countries. With our Head Office still located in Vancouver, our 450+ employees are located in Halifax, Kelowna, New York, Chicago, Raleigh, London, and Singapore.

Throughout the years, Montridge has provided sound advice, fair renewal pricing, innovative employee solutions, and have introduced us to other advisors that we work with for our non-Canadian benefit plans. We implemented our retirement program in 2011, and Montridge has been diligent in our CAP reviews and negotiating very reasonable fees when an opportunity arises. Montridge holds benefit & retirement “lunch & learns” for our staff on a regular basis, which are well-attended and received.

We are happy to recommend Montridge to any prospective client.“

Joyce Hung, Director of Human Resources
Global Relay Communications Inc.