Financial Wellness Programs

Financial Wellness Programs

Employees have a lot of questions about money.


Employers who help them answer those questions are rewarded with increased engagement, lower turnover, improved culture and a healthier bottom line.


Best practices for a financial wellness program include a variety of tools to help employees understand the building blocks of financial health.  


A financial wellness program is one of three core areas–along with physical and mental health–included in a successful wellness program.


For many members of your team, financial literacy is low, shame and anguish are high, and there is a strong desire for guidance and assistance. Increasingly, companies are answering the call by providing savings programs and financial education to their workers.  


Our Approach


At Montridge, we are experienced in creating and sourcing financial wellness programs to help enhance your overall compensation strategy, educate your workers and help to make you an employer of choice.


Financial Education can take the form of Lunch ‘n Learns, online tools, workshops and more. The key is to create a culture that encourages questions and provides a supportive atmosphere.

“…We implemented our retirement program in 2011, and Montridge has been diligent in our CAP (capital accumulation plan) reviews and negotiating very reasonable fees when an opportunity arises.

Montridge holds benefit & retirement “lunch & learns” for our staff on a regular basis, which are well-attended and received.

We are happy to recommend Montridge to any prospective client.“

Joyce Hung, Director of Human Resources
Global Relay Communications Inc.

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