• Mental Health In The Workplace

    Workplace mental health is a complex subject that affects every aspect of your organization. After reading this whitepaper, you will learn how a psychologically safe workplace helps businesses. 

  • Revisiting Employee Benefits in Light of COVID-19

    COVID-19 has affected our businesses and our employees in a myriad of ways. Our webinar identifies areas of concern in order to help you to improve the sustainability of your benefits plan and support the well-being of your employees.

  • Ask The Experts: Returning To The Workplace

    Learn more about the key elements that need to be considered as businesses return to the workplace.

  • Expanding Your Business

    Case Study: From Small Local Office To Global Enterprise

    Scaling your employee benefits plan as you expand your business.

  • Getting Ready to Launch in Canada: A How-To Guide for Global Businesses

    Learn how to avoid common pitfalls and successfully grow your business in Canada.

  • canadian-benefits-whitepaper

    9 Essentials to Know About Canadian Employee Benefits

    Want to keep your Canadian employees happy and productive? Providing employee benefits is key to achieving that.

  • Montridge-Wellness-101-Whitepaper-Thumbnail

    Employee Wellness 101: How Healthy Employees Lead to Healthy Returns

    Employers can help improve the wellbeing of their workers, while at the same time boosting the company’s bottom line.

  • Employee Wellness 201

    Employee Wellness 201: How to Build a Wellness Program

    Learn how to create a successful workplace wellness program from the ground up.

  • Prescription for a Healthy Benefits Plan

    Prescription For A Healthy Benefits Plan: Manage Rising Drug Costs

    Drug costs are rising. These escalating costs may be exposing you to risks that your plan – and your budget – may not be able to withstand.

  • Effective-Employee-Benefits

    Get Ready For An Effective Employee Benefits Renewal

    Benefits renewal time is a great opportunity to revise your current plan. Here’s what you need to know before you renew.

  • Montridge-Selecting-Benefits-Advisor

    7 Essential Tips When Selecting an Employee Benefits Advisor

    For a small to mid-sized company, it seems there are more employee benefits options than ever.

  • Montridge Webinar 101 Thumbnail

    Canadian Benefits 101: Overview

    An overview of Canada’s social programs and employer-sponsored programs.

  • Webinar 102 Thumbnail

    Canadian Benefits 102: Retirement & Savings Programs

    An overview of Canadian employer-sponsored retirement and savings plans.

  • Montridge Webinar 103 Thumbnail

    Canadian Benefits 103: How To’s of Plan Administration

    Learn how to smoothly administer your group benefits plans, while avoiding potential employer liabilities

  • Montridge Webinar 201 Thumbnail

    Canadian Benefits 201: Plan Design

    Sourcing, proposing and implementing a Canadian employee benefits plan.

  • Webinar 202 Thumbnail

    Canadian Benefits 202: The Right RSP

    Learn how to choose and implement the right RSP plan for your team.

  • Montridge Webinar 301 Thumbnail

    Canadian Benefits 301: Smarter Disability Programs

    Disability benefits, their pitfalls and how to create better policies for your employees.

  • Canadian Benefits: Tax-Effective Compensation for Executives

    Effective alternatives to stock options that can be used to align executive compensation with performance in a tax-friendly way.

  • Canadian Benefits: Business Continuation Planning For The Loss Of A Key Member

    Protect your business against the sudden loss of a key team member with a Business Continuation Plan.

  • Fin Wellness Webinar_thumbnail

    Employee Financial Wellness

    Are Money Worries Top of Mind for Your Employees? Our 30-minute webinar will show you how to reduce absenteeism and increase employee morale by improving employee financial wellness.