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Check out recent news and updates previously that included:

  • OSFI releases revised instruction for the preparation of actuarial reports for defined benefit pension plans
    Federally regulated employees to begin accruing new paid sick leave starting Dec 1st
    Saskatchewan amending pension legislation
    Federal government extends EI Sickness Benefits to 26 weeks
    BC Introduces significant changes to the Workers’ Compensation Act
  • New Tax-Free Home Savings plan to be effective April 1st and can be combined with the RRSP Home Buyers Plan
  • Saskatchewan modernizes pension rules
  • FSRA releases final pension deregistration guidance
  • Federal dental benefit officially becomes law
  • CRA announces TFSA limit for 2023
  • Federal government extends “anti-flipping” tax to assignment sales
  • New tax on public company share buy backs announced
  • CRA announces updated limits for CPP pensionable earnings and RRSPs for 2023